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Come on, baby!

22 March
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Recent university graduate. Finally got a job! Woot! Also a rabid fangirl of various animes, TV shows, and books. And hockey. Oh, and I write. Arashi is my newest obsession, and I've started subbing some things for them. All my subs are currently posted in onlyarashifiles, so there's no need to friend me just to get to the subs. Just join the community over there. ^^

Of course, you're perfectly welcome to friend me. Just keep in mind that this is my personal journal. So, if I don't know you and never hear a word out of you, I probably won't friend you back. It's nothing personal. I just like knowing the people on my friend's list, even if the knowing is something as superficial as having exchanged a few words in a comment. Honestly, most of my entries are public anyway, and if they aren't, the odds are high that I'm complaining about something or other. So you're not missing much. ;)

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